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Drawing updates.

I didn’t really update a lot here as I have moved to with all the “work in progress” stuff, so here are a few of the latest drawings, sketches & experiments. I’ll just drop them all here.

10746_10152232741377259_393074610_n ca Death_of_Marat_by_David DSC_0050 DSC_0063-a Edouard_Manet_024 goya.saturn-son




Romanian Contemporary Artists

I will try to keep a list here with all the Romanian contemporary painters I come across. It’s quite interesting to observe the similarities and how deeply the art is influenced by the communist era (or did nothing more inspiring happen in the last 20 years ? 🙂 )

off we go:

  • Marius Bercea
  • Serban Savu
  • Raddu Comsa
  • Adrian Ghenie
  • Teodora Axente
  • Stefan Ungureanu